Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering offers an undergraduate program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and a Post-graduate program in the specialization of Power Electronics. The Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department was established in 2007. It is well equipped for running under graduate and post graduate courses. Presently, the department offers B.Tech-Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Intake – 120), Polytechnic – DEEE (Intake-60) and M.Tech-Power Electronics (Intake-18). It conducts short-term courses, training courses, seminars, workshops and conferences for enrichment in quality of students.

Since its inception in 2007, the department has been actively engaged in teaching and research in diverse fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. In addition to this regular programme, the department is also actively involved in conducting guest lectures, seminars, live projects, continuing education programmes for engineering students.

The laboratories and research facilities in the Department are well maintained and regularly updated. The department is strong with all faculty members holding M.Tech degrees and expertise in various fields. The department of EEE has adequate and well-qualified faculties spanning all major areas of Electrical Engineering like Power Systems, Power Electronics & Drives, Control Systems, and Energy Systems etc. Department is equipped with qualified and experienced Lab Technicians to instruct the students in Lab experiments as well as in live projects. Members of teaching faculty are actively involved in live projects, research and consultancy works.

The entire teaching and non teaching faculty trying to build a Renewable energy based college campus. In this Process, campus installed with 1KW Solar Plant. The Department has well qualified faculty and good laboratory facilities.

Department Strengths & Facilities :

* Started B.Tech in 2007 with an initial intake of 60
* Enhanced intake from 60 to 120 in the academic year 2009
* The department has been certifying by ISO 9001:2015 since 2010-2011
* Providing technical skills to all students through Campus Recruitment Training Program at institution level
* Imparting soft skills with the assistance of English department.
* 100% Placement target for all Students.
* Maintaining 1:15 Faculty Student ratio.
* Effective Implementation of Teaching – Learning Process.
* Class room lectures with modern visual aids.
* Intensive Coaching for weak students.
* Provision of Computer systems to Faculty with internet Facility of 54 Mbps bandwidth.
* Extension Lectures by Faculty.
* Active participation in NSS services.
* Curriculum and Practical Courses of EEE fulfill the need of industry.
* Well Equipped Laboratories.
* Highly Qualified, Dedicated and Experienced Faculty Members.
* Guiding and motivate the student to excel in Placement and higher studies regularly.
* Organizing Guest lecturers in the field of Electrical & Electronics with academicians and Industrialist.

Best Practice :

* To introduce greater flexibility in the curriculum by giving more freedom of choice to learners to design their own combination of studies.
* Developing self-confidence and self-reliance to face various competitive and other professional examinations and thereby to provide greater opportunities for employment in the institution.
* To make quality education accessible to all including the under-privileged with a thrust on holistic development of learners, irrespective of caste and creed
* Encouragement to the faculty who gives the best employee referrals
* Announcement of rewards for gate qualifier students.
* Competitions in student design, technical paper writing and presentation.
* Conducted Group discussions among the students to improve the personality development.
* Basic fundamental subjects related with its extensions ,by grouping this subjects to gaining good knowledge practice.