Memorandum of Understanding

ASIST-MoU-University of Virgin Islands

MoU serves as an academic, cultural, and research bridge between two institutions thereby two nations.University of Virgin Islands and Amrita Sai as single entity work as a “think tank” to develop curriculum, pedagogy and carryout international research funding projects. Current assignments are Research on health Informatics, building a CubeSat, student exchange programs in the field of cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Marine geology and Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Welcome to the Directorate of International Collaborations & Foreign Affairs


The Directorate is responsible for providing Information, assistance and guidance pertain to Institute’s international work with foreign Universities and Agencies that will improve the innovativeness of students and faculty across the specializations. It serves as the liaison and resource center for the Institute’s international linkages, supporting the development of all memorandums of understandings (MoUs) and partnerships with overseas universities, foreign governments and international organizations abroad. Drive students to grab international opportunities with each merit scholarship that enabling student mobility across borders, it will help to promote the involvement of faculty members and students in international research and development projects, facilitate access to international funding opportunities.


The fundamental goal is to help students and faculty to move across the courtiers

  • Intern abroad
  • Research abroad
  • Semester Abroad
  • Twinning Programs
  • Other educational/cultural experiences around the globe

Students can enroll as global students for both short and long term courses Students can spend a few weeks or a semester engaging themselves in studying, co-opting or interning, conducting research or participating in other academic pursuits, in countries around the world These experiences advance and impact positively their attitudes, skill sets and knowledge base, which will be of immense benefit to the students and enable to be competitive and resourceful in the future.

Development of Curriculum and Program Structure

The curriculum is ‘international’ to ensure that the students get the best education which is globally relevant and makes them future-ready.

Guest Faculty from Partner Universities

Renowned faculty from these universities takes subjects at ASIST, inspiring students by bringing in additional viewpoints to research and academics


Group of researchers from ASIST and UVI are working on the thrust areas of Health-Informatics (Data Analytics, Cyber Security, IoT, AI & Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing) that are having concern globally.