Library Rules

Instructions (or) rules & regulations :

Care of books :

Books and bound volumes should be handled with great care. Mutilation and disfiguring of pages, books and bound volumes by ink or pencil marks are strictly prohibited. Books taken out for reading or borrowing should be checked by the borrower for defects / mutilations at the time of drawing. Cost of mutilations observed will be
charged to the last borrower.

Over due charges :

Books should be returned on or before the due date after which a fine of Rs. 1 /- per day will be charged.

Loss of books :

The concerned student or staff member has to pay double the amount of the original price of the book or replace it with a brand new book within 7 days of reporting the loss.

Whenever a borrower loses a book, he / she should report and submit an application at the counter within the period of due date. If he / she submits the application after the due date, he / she must replace the book together with the overdue charges from the due date to the date of application.

No dues certificate :

Students have to return the library books before they take their final year-end exams.Even fine will not accepted if the borrower returns the book after 30 days (from the date of issue). He / she has to forego the library facility.

Students / staff leaving the campus on account of completion of expulsion must return the library books in good condition. Staff members should not transfer their books or dues to other staff members at the time of leaving the institution to obtain no dues certificate.

Special penalty :

Any student seen marking or cutting any portions of magazines, journals, news papers or books or caught in the act of pilfering books will be fined a minimum of Rs. 200/- in addition to the disciplinary action recommended by the committee constituted for this purpose.

General Rules :
  1. Students are not allowed to enter the library when they have scheduled class work.
  2. Newspapers and journals will not be issued for reference outside the library.
  3. Combined or group study is not allowed in the reading room because it disturbs other members.
  4. In order to enable the librarian to maintain the library on sound lines, full and unstinted co-operation of staff members and students is expected.
  5. No person shall attend cell phones in the library. They shall neither bring food, drinks nor chew gums in the library.
  6. Strict and absolute silence shall be observed in the library.
  7. Members are requested to keep their belongings at the entrance propriety counter of the library.
  8. Library users are strictly prohibited from taking the borrowed and stamped books again inside the library.
  9. If the due date falls on a holiday for the library, the next working day will be considered as the due date.
  10. Books will not be issued to members on the id card of others.
Reference books :

Reference books are kept in the reference section. these books should be referred in the library only.

Special reference books / materials :

ISI code books, encyclopedia, videocassettes, audiocassettes CD’s are shelved separately under closed access.